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Retaining nature, one wall at a time

 Creating retaining walls since 1996

Excel Retaining Walls:

An important piece to a quality project.

Commercial Walls

For General Contractors and Developers, controlling construction cost is extremely important. Often site work is a make-or-break determining factor as to whether or not a project is given the green light. Our expertise shines in the pre-construction stage when we examine which retaining wall solution works best with your site and budget. Our proven record of collaboration with engineers, architects, contractors, and owners allows us to deliver a suitable retaining wall for any 

proposed site. 

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Residential Walls

Communication with homeowners is the first step to a strong foundation. Homeowners' number one complaint with contractors is lack of trust. In order to build trust with our clients, we thoroughly explain our process and deliver on our promises. Do you need a large retaining wall for your home site? We will partner with you to accomplish required objectives and deliver a beautiful work of art that will last for generations. 


Infrastructure Walls

Walls like these are often not noticed or considered until they fail.  We work with municipalities across Middle Tennessee to ensure proper support for infrastructure not only in function but also in form.  Retaining walls can be beautiful additions to any landscape while keeping the forces of nature at bay.

Who We Are

A reputation as solid as the walls we build.

With over 25 years in business, we've helped fortify numerous communities throughout Middle Tennessee.  Our dedication to quality, communication and doing the next right thing continues to expand both our business and the lives of those we serve.


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Dean Banks

Founder and CEO

Commercial Retaining Walls

Residential Retaining Walls


Site Management

Special Projects

Infrastructure Retaining Walls

Civil Engineering

Landscape Construction

Our jobs hold back, our clients never do.

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